A Career in Factoring
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Looking for an Exceptional New Career Opportunity with Residual Commission Income?

In today's challenging economy, more and more individuals are finding the need to seek out some form of monthly supplemental income and at DataMax, we're here to help.  In fact, there has never been a better time to launch a low-cost home-based business and become a DataMax associate.  And while DataMax provides solutions for many home-based opportunity seekers, few can compare with that offered in the commercial factoring industry as a freelance factoring broker.

What is a Factoring Broker?

Factoring brokers are independent consultants that act as middlemen between business owners in need of working capital and factors and other asset-based lenders which provide such loans.  While they are sometimes referred to as simply "loan brokers", most prefer the term "commercial finance consultant" or "factoring broker".

Factoring brokers are true consultants who earn their fees through client referral to the "right" lender.  Though termed "factoring" brokers, most actually offer services involving other product areas such as asset-based lending, purchase order finance, microloans, and merchant cash advances. 

A Prestigious Career

A career as a factoring broker is professional on every level including compensation and no standard college curriculum will prepare you for it.  Those choosing this career must learn the ins and outs of the industry through self study or, in some cases, by attending a training school.  Not only must those who enter this field become knowledgeable in the industry's many financial product areas, but they must also develop the necessary marketing skills to produce and develop business.

Exceptional Broker Compensation

Though a career as a factoring broker has many exceptional characteristics, probably the most exceptional is compensation.  Few home-based career paths can begin to match the residual, life-of-account referral commissions paid to productive freelance brokers. This commission structure allows industry brokers to build books of business over time that produce an exceptional six-figure annual income. 

Find Out More...Explore the Industry

One of the best ways to explore the opportunities found in the factoring industry for independent freelance consultants is simple to research this career on the internet using Google® or similar search engine. There is a great deal of information available at no cost to assist those seeking to learn more about this near-perfect home-business opportunity.